Residential College Cup

The Residential College Cup is an annual year long competition between the 7 residential colleges. Students from each residential college compete throughout the year through ongoing competitions and larger annual events. Although there are many ways for students to support their residential college in competing for the Residential College Cup, the core elements of the competition are athletic intramural sports, knowledge and trivia, community service and sustainability.

Opportunities include:

  • Presenting sponsor of Residential College Cup
  • Year round student, faculty and staff engagement
  • Product and prize integration


Residential College Cup starts with its annual Kickoff! In a pep rally format students get to represent their respective Res Halls that encourages pride and competition among their fellow students. Each hall has it’s crest and use a very similar format to the Harry Potter stories!


Opportunities include:

  • Activation for student engagement
  • Possible integration of programming or characters
  • Opportunity for RA’s to wear sponsor branded T-Shirts
  • Logo integration in “swag” that is given to students
    • Thunder sticks
    • Clear see through bags that can be used during football games

Residential Colleges

Every first-year student moves into a Residential College when they get to USC. There, they form strong connections by participating in events organized by the Resident Assistants and Residential Faculty, become an integral member of their community through their interactions with their peers. They bridge the classroom experience by taking the learning to conversations over dinner with faculty and attending presentations by guest speakers, participating in community service, and utilizing campus resources that are made available in their Residential College lobby.

  • 10,000 total students
  • 3,500 first year residents