Year Round Events

The Division of Student Affairs produces a robust and diversified set of events and programs that engage and educate students. It provides sponsors an opportunity to find the right and authentic platform to build connections with USC students. From our Health and Wellness program to  concerts, big game rallies and stand-alone opportunities we help find the right fit that brings value to our sponsors and also brings value to USC student life.

USC Stay Active

USC’s Stay Active event will present a great opportunity to engage students through a program that strives to help students maintain an active lifestyle.

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Stay Active Guide

Our campus newspaper will produce a 12-16 page Stay Active Guide which will be distributed with the Daily Trojan. This supplement will provide students a resource guide for all things related to an active lifestyle.

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Annual rally before the big crosstown rivalry game versus UCLA.

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Springfest is a yearly music and arts festival featuring an exciting mix of today’s most popular musicians with artists on the rise and notable student acts. It is the last large scale concert/festival before commencement and for the first ever it will take place in the iconic L.A. Memorial Coliseum.

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Stand-alone Activations

Stand-Alone activations provide sponsors a great opportunity to promote items, sample and engage students.

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Campus Tailgates

Through a partnership with our Campus Activities department, we will produce a series of Tailgates for students who are looking to partake in the Tailgating experience. Sponsor will be provided an activation space to engage students.

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